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Lawn Care Technicians

G.G. Lawn Care offers high quality, competitively priced lawn maintenance in the Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha Areas. We have serviced the Kenosha area for over 5 years and have established many lasting relationships with our clients

  •     Lawn Mowing

    Our weekly or biweekly lawn mowing service includes trimming, edge maintenance and cleanup of clippings with each cut.


  •     Edging

    Nothing looks better than having a clean, well defined edge between your grass and the sidewalk/driveway.

  •     Weed Control

    Our lawn treatment program is customized to your lawn giving it the right balance of fertilizer and weed control so that you

    have a lush green lawn, cut to perfection by us.

  •     Core Aeration

    Aeration is an annual necessity in our type of soil.

    Aeration increases air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone.

    Core aerating also relieves soil compaction, stimulates growth and intensifies decomposition of thatch.

    Can be scheduled either spring or fall.

  •     Spring Cleanup

    Get ready for Spring by having G.G. remove leaves twigs and thatch left over from winter.

    Let’s help you make this daunting task a thing of the past!

  •     Mulching

    Is your once-beautiful landscape looking kind of dull?

    Green-Go: Lawn Care can add a refreshing layer of color to your existing bed with a simple top dressing of high-quality mulch.

    Contact for a Quote!

We Care For Your Property

Unlike many professional lawn care businesses, we will not blow dirt, sling rocks, and cut other debris towards property such as Cars, Trucks, or Buildings. We care for lawns.

We will move or make safe any yard ornament such as reflectors, nightlights, birdbaths, special plants, and veer caution away from flower garden designs.

We even pay extra attention to avoid damaging septic drainage pipes and irrigation sprinklers,

Work around special property (such as vehicles on the lot) we will use vehicle covers to prevent projectile debris from dirtying or damaging the surfaces.

We also prevent actions that will cause dirt and grass stains on your pavement and will blow dirt/grass clippings off the road and into your lawn to maintain a pristine appearance.

We are a commercial landscape maintenance company.

With Green-Go, your property is respected as if it were our own!

Brice Joyce

Introducing Green-Go: Lawn Care, A Company of the Beautiful Carolinas.

Here at Green-Go: Lawn Care, we provide our clients with a broad range of lawn care services including regular lawn maintenance, fertilization, weed control,  debris removal, rough and field mowing, string trimming, tree pruning, stick edging, natural spider barriers, instant and preventive pest control, and appliance hauling.  Our central location is in Union County, North Carolina.

Our customers can count on us for quality customer service, integrity, experience, education, punctuality and professional service. Our number one objective is to take care of our clients and provide them with top-quality lawn care service and support.

Green-Go: Lawn Care services Waxhaw, Weddington, Matthews, Indian Trail, and Monroe.  We offer our customers 63 years of combined lawn care experience, so you will have the comfort and security of knowing that you are working with a company that knows how to get the job done right.

If you are looking for quality lawn care, look no further. At Green-Go: Lawn Care, we take pride in pleasing our customers with the best work possible—and we want you to be 100% satisfied.

Our lawn care technicians make it a point to talk with our clients, educate, offer advice and answers to questions.  We will have you well informed, so you have the knowledge to obtain and maintain a healthy lawn, such as proper metrics to mow, to water and to edge.

At Green-Go: Lawn Care, we know that an attractive yard with healthy, green, weed-free grass can increase the value of your home, and allow you to create lasting family memories as you enjoy leisure time and relaxing in your yard. A thick, healthy lawn provides a great area for children to play games and laze on the grass, daydreaming and watching the clouds race the sky. Keeping your lawn in good health not only makes your home more attractive, but it also becomes a perfect place to entertain your friends and raise a family.

Take pride in having a healthy, green, and weed-free lawn by allowing us help.  Save weekends from hauling garden center fertilizer to home.  Worry less about figuring out exactly what will eliminate your lawn’s crabgrass, weeds or how to keep the next hatch of insects under control.  Choose to let the expert lawn technicians from Green-Go: Lawn Care evaluate your lawn type and soil conditions, and provide a seasonal treatment program while you relax and enjoy the results.

Take pride in an attractive lawn.  Go to our Services page and select one of the several treatment programs offered, or call Green-Go for a free, no-obligation price estimate and analysis of your lawn.  We want to help!

Green-Go: Lawn Care will provide you with the best service in town.



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Mark Joyce

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