Service Parameters

Bi-Weekly Maintenance

G-G will come on a bi-weekly or as-needed basis throughout the fall to mow and bag any leaves that have fallen in the lawn areas.

This is a great way to maintain your lawns appearance and keep the leaves from piling up.

Season-End Cleanup

Need just one or two cleanups at the end of the season?  We gotcha covered.

G-G will blow out your landscape beds, cut back your perennials and give your lawn a final mow and bag leaving your lawn ready for winter.

Lawn Care Program

Our lawn program consists of a mixture between granular and liquid applications. The lawn applications are for crabgrass control, broad leaf weed control, and balanced fertilization. Our full lawn care service program schedule is listed below.
Early Spring

Balanced fertilizer with crabgrass control. Our fertilizer will jump start your lawn for a quick green up, while laying the foundation for crabgrass control.


Balanced fertilizer with broadleaf weed control, as well as a second application of crabgrass control (weather permitting). This application is extremely important to get good control over dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.

Late Spring

Balanced fertilizer with broadleaf weed control. This application continues with correct fertilization for this time of year. We also include weed control for protection against summer annual weeds.


Balanced fertilizer with weed control. This slow-release fertilizer application is designed to maintain your lawns vigor during the summer. We also include weed control when needed.

Late Summer

Balanced fertilizer with weed control. This slow-release fertilizer application is designed to replenish needed nutrients from the stresses of summer. We also include weed control when needed.


Balanced fertilizer with weed control. This heavy fertilizer application is extremely important. Your lawn is entering the stage where it is primarily growing underground in the root zone. We also include ongoing weed control because weeds will be growing heavily during this time.


Turf winterization. Heavy winter fertilization with no weed control. This application replenishes nutrients while preparing your lawn for the long over wintering. This application will also help with spring green up.

When you use Green-Go: Lawn Care application services, we can handle every aspect of lawn care for your yard. Our lawn care technicians take out all the troubles of lawn care and create a hassle-free program, making your lawn look healthy while you relax and enjoy. Our lawn service professionals handle:

• Correct Timing
• Proper Product
• Proper Application Technique
• Site Inspection Every Visit (We leave notes for you!)

• Communication of Recommendations
• Weed Control
• Balanced and Proper Lawn Fertilization
• Insect and Disease Help

Additional Lawn Services

Core aeration – Aeration is an annual necessity in our type of soil. Aeration increases air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone. Core aerating also relieves soil compaction, stimulates growth and intensifies decomposition of thatch.

Over seeding – A highly recommended addition to the core aeration. Over seeding will help your lawn become thicker.

Grub Worm Control – A must application. Grub worms are a subsurface insect that can destroy a lawn overnight. This preventative application is applied in the spring and controls grub worms all season long.

Waxhaw Lawn Maintenance

Look no further than Green-Go: Lawn Care for you lawn maintenance needs in the Waxhaw and Weddington areas. Say goodbye to wasted weekends dealing with unreliable lawn mowers or extension cords and welcome some well deserved free time spent with your family or work on that project you have been wanting to finish. When you have Zach’s Lawn Care take care of your Weekly or Bi-weekly Mowing needs you can enjoy a professionally maintained lawn by a reputable, local, and friendly lawn care service.

Lawn Mowing

Green-Go: Lawn Care offers high quality, competitively priced lawn care and maintenance in the Waxhaw and Weddington areas. When combined with our Lawn Program you will enjoy the benefits of a green professionally serviced, weed-free lawn. Each weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing service includes the following.
Lawn Service Includes

    Professional Cut
    Edge Maintenance
    Cleanup of Clippings

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Payment Options

Green-Go: Lawn Care offers flexible payment options to make it easier to fit our services into your budget. Payment is accepted via cash, check, card, and PayPal with convenient billing options and online payment.

See below for details.


Pay your bill monthly after services are performed for as long as you need them. Going on vacation this summer or selling your house? No Problem! This option gives you the flexibility to cancel service anytime.
“Give your lawn a little G-G”

This is the complete package! Receive weekly, as needed mows, for the entire 2018 season as well as our 5 application lawn care program. All of your lawn care services for the season are divided in to equal monthly payments allowing you to budget without any surprises. Choose this plan and save 5% off your bill for the entire season!


With pre-pay you get everything in the “Give your lawn a little G-G” plan PLUS added peace of mind knowing that your lawn will be taken care of for the entire season. By pre-paying you will also receive our best discount…10%! Sound like a good deal? It is! Request your FREE quote today!

Waxhaw Mulching Service

Are your flowerbeds looking dull and uninviting? Green-Go: Lawn Care can bring new life to old flowerbeds. Our High-Quality Mulching services bring a refreshing change to your landscape. Bring your beds to life and make the colors in your existing landscape pop!


When you hire G-G to do your spring mulching, you will get the job done Right! Our crew will cut a fresh bed edge, spray-kill any existing weeds, apply commercial-grade weed preventer, and then top your beds with high quality Brown-dyed Enviro mulch made from recycled hardwood for a long-lasting color and product
Mulch Service Includes

    Fresh Bed-Edge
    Roundup Existing Weeds
    Commercial Weed Preventor
    Topdressing of Mulch

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